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The idea is a simple one:  We will find the countless faces of the American struggle

Simply put, we will walk from coast to coast, offering help to anyone who asks for it. We do not know how long it will take, where we will go, or whom we will meet.

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Cross Country Walk Map- Making Strides

They are single mothers struggling to raise their children. They are jobless fathers rising every morning determined to work anywhere, do anything, just to escape the foreclosure notice for one more day. They are children who will never attend college because it is too expensive. They are teachers and school districts decimated by budget cuts and the endless refrain of “no we can’t.”

And as they suffer, politicians squabble amongst themselves as the American dream fades and slips ever farther from those who possess only dreams.

As graduates of an elite liberal arts college, we count ourselves among the precious few for whom the American dream is still in sight, if only dimly. Yet while our peers sprint forward to begin lucrative careers and families of their own, we walk.

We walk to find those who need a helping hand.

For some, help is mowing the lawn, carrying groceries, or finishing math homework. For others, perhaps help is rebuilding homes devastated by tornadoes. And for far too many, help is finding a job. Through this blog, we will chronicle our journey and hopefully bring attention to those who deserve it most. Visit our blog or visit our Facebook community page to read more about our cross-country journey and community service projects.

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